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image of Chrysm the Faery

This delicate little faery is Chrysam. She lives in the Heart of the Woods. She loves Dragons. Her body and wings are made of super sculpey and her hair is mohair. She's approximately 4" high and her wingspread is 5". She is a wood faery.To OrderorWrite to me

image of Ema

Ema is about 2 inches high. She can hide just about anywhere. The inside of a rose is one of her favorite places. Ema is a leaf faery.
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image of Erys

Erys, like all little boys, loves to sneak around and find trouble if he can by instigating the Dragons, although not all of them appreciate his sense of fun. He is a wood faery on a hydrangea leaf about 7 inches long and is trying to sneak up on the Dragons without their noticing. Fat Chance! He's about 6 inches long and 5 to the tip of his wings. Please the Dragons are begging you. To OrderSuggestions?Write to me

image of Tyra

Tyra loves to sleep or maybe just cuddle up. One has to wonder whether the leave was in the tree or on the ground already when she decided to take her nap. She is a leaf faery 2 inches long uncurled and for sale at 15.00 dollars.To Orderor Write to me

image of Lyriel

Lyriel is one of the leaf faeries. She is as graceful and curious as a cat. You never know where you'll find her. The leaf she sits on is about 2 inches wide and she herself is about 2 inches from the top of her head to her toes. The Dragons love her company.To Orderor Write to me

image of Rysa

Rysa loves observing and contemplating life. She spends her time pondering the questions of her life, such as where do all the ladybugs go and why can't the leaves stay those beautiful fall colors. She is a leaf faery and she is also 2 inches tall from head to toes. She is for sale at 15.00 dollars To OrderorWrite to me

image of Fhlorys

Fhlorys is quite bold and adventurous. She enjoys the company of the wizards and birds. She is also a leaf faery and is about 2 inches high.To OrderQuestions?Write to me

image of Brya

Brya is shy. She is considered sighted, she has the gift of sight. She spends much of her time gazing into her crystal ball. She is also a leaf faery. She is aware of much more of the world than the rest of her clan. It falls to her and some of the fellowship to protect them. She sits on a 2 inch leaf with her crystal ball.To OrderSuggestions?Write to me

Henya the faery

This is Henya.You have to look quick to catch this cute little red head popping in and out of the bushes.To OrderorWrite to me

Rhose the faery

Look what i found early one morning out in the garden when the morning dew was still clinging to the flowers.This is Rhose.To OrderComments?Write to me

Here's another adorable little faery i came across one day while I was sitting outside thinking.Her name is Rena. She thought I didn't notice her, but how could you not?To OrderorWrite to me

Lythe the faery

I found this little rascal lying in wait for her favorite wizard to walk by so she could drop down on him as he went by her tree.To Order Suggestions?Write to me

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