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image of asryth with dragon

.He is one of the Dragon Wizards who live deep in the Caves of Broken Mountain. He and his Fellowship are the keepers of the Dragon Lore and the delicate balance between the two realms. He stands approximately 17"high and is completely handmade of super sculpey. His robe is velour and his cloak is velvet. He is not for sale,but if you like him I could create another of him for you.Just ask!To Orderor if you have questions or suggestionsWrite to me

image of Lhysam of the Woods

Lhysam lives in the woods surrounded by the wild things he cares for and watches over. His group bestows protection on the faeries and the other creatures of the woods. He is about 17 inches tall and is for sale at
125.00 dollars.To Order or questions,comments?Write to me

Rhyan of the Dragon Fellowship

Rhyan spends much of his time polishing his intellectual skills with the dragons,when he can find any of them and get them to listen to him.He is 125.00 dollars To Orderquestions,comments?Write to me

Eathyn,wizard of the Woods

Eathyn is a woods wizard. He brings peace and tranquility where ever he goes.The faeries can't leave him alone.Polarities I guess.He is 125.00 dollars.To Orderor Write to me

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