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image of Ghrenyth the dragon

Ghrenyth is copper and gold with faceted amber eyes. He is a most handsome dragon and the wizards are always trying to find ways to get him to part with his ancient wisdom, but he is not tempted as of yet. Ghrenyth lives in one of the oldest parts of Broken Mountain that is very difficult to find on human feet. (approx. 12" high x 20" long x 18" wing span) $225.00 Click on his picture to see more views.To Order or Write to me

image of Ghwenfar the dragon

Ghwenfar is one of the Dragon Queens. She loves the company of children and the Faeries. She's considered very kind as far as Dragons go. (approx. 6" high x 10" long x 8" wide) $200.00 Click on her picture to see more views.
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image of Fharynth and the children

Fharynth is the teacher. He imparts ancient Dragon knowledge for safe keeping, against a time of need, in ones unlooked for.
(approx. 8" high x 11" long x 9" wide)Click on his picture to see more views.To Ordersuggestions?Write to meor

image of Nymyth the Dragon

Nymyth is one of the younger dragons and is sometimes very foolish. (approx. 6" high x 8" long x 6" wide)To Orderor Write to me

image of Draeddyn the dragonDraeddyn is one of the older dragons. He likes the company of the Wizards.To Order

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